Social Security

Tracking the 2019 Social Security COLA

A COLA is based on the increase in the CPI-W comparing the average for July, August and September of the previous year with the current year. The three months highlighted above are those three months in 2017. The months circled in red are October and November 2017 (just the start of the new measure period). As you can see there is a slight increase, but we have a long way to get to the key months in 2018.

My guess is that 2019 will bring an increase again in the 2% range … but keep your eye on the CPI-W reported each month.


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    • I could be incorrect however it seems to me that our COLA suffers regardless of whom is elected – or which party. We never receive a percentage increase that compensates for ” real ” costs of living plus the WEP / GPO is plan and simple THIEF of our wages paid from our life time of labors. I wish / I pray that some one will correct these injustices imposed on the thousands of hardworking, law abiding, true blue Americans – YES – AMERICANS ! that have made this country the great country it is today. GOD BLESS AMERICA — – – May all have a blessed day . . . . . . . .


  1. The 2% COLA is JUST NOT ENOUGH, and now when the economy is supposed to be doing SO MUCH BETTER! We, Senior Citizens, paid for everyone before us (I am 75 years old and worked from 17 to 70). and now we, the citizens who paid for everyone else, are getting the SHAFT Big Time!. We need, at the minimum, a 3.6% raise in Social Security for the next MANY years, to make up for the Obama years, where Obama was supporting all of the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, WHO GOT A DEBIT CARD (debit card for their food and shelter, etc.) UPON ENTRY INTO THE UNITED STATES, and got and get every medical benefit possible, plus taking jobs away from American Citizens, etc., etc., etc., WHERE IT IS A GOOD GUESS THAT THEY CANNOT DO THE JOBS AS WELL AS AMERICAN CITIZENS, BECAUSE FOR STARTERS THEY CANNOT SPEAK OR BARELY SPEAK ENGLISH, WHICH SHOULD BE A REQUIREMENT!!! Medical bills are what I am dealing with now–there should be a law that senior citizens should not have to pay the same prices as people who are working, and this is the reason that a lot of poor Senior Citizens have to die, because we cannot afford the medical care, especially with a bad heart! BUT THE MEDICAL BENEFITS ARE FEE TO THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. This is not right–INCREASE COLA TO AT LEAST 3.6% FOR MANY YEARS TO COME!!! A lot of senior citizens do not qualify for Medicaid, where they get a much better deal than people on Medicare–this is soooooooooo wrong!!! Where is Bernie Sanders and where is Elizabeth Warren, when they said people on social security should have at least a $60 a-month raise??? They are nowhere, right? If someone who runs against President Trump wants to increase monthly rates for Social Security, and the Republicans do not, there is a good chance that this “someone” could become President of the United States!!! Senior Citizens do vote, you know!!!


  2. In the context of long-range predictions of SS solvency, I would think that recent COLA history, consisting of several zero COLAs would have a notable impact on extending SS solvency. Never heard boo from the talkers. If I’m wrong where did the savings from all these zero increases go?


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