Social Security

Tracking the 2019 Social Security COLA

A COLA is based on the increase in the CPI-W comparing the average for July, August and September of the previous year with the current year. The three months highlighted above are those three months in 2017. The months circled in red are October and November 2017 (just the start of the new measure period). As you can see there is a slight increase, but we have a long way to get to the key months in 2018.

My guess is that 2019 will bring an increase again in the 2% range … but keep your eye on the CPI-W reported each month.


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  1. In the context of long-range predictions of SS solvency, I would think that recent COLA history, consisting of several zero COLAs would have a notable impact on extending SS solvency. Never heard boo from the talkers. If I’m wrong where did the savings from all these zero increases go?


    • No net savings. A long term average COLA goes into the actuarial calculations which are refined each year. Some years are lower and others are higher. Many factors are variable.


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