Ever wonder where it goe$

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  1. I live in the great state of Montana. My tax bill in retirement (Military) on $20,000 is $136. Next year when I turn 62 and start getting SS it will be zero.
    Anyone in Montana who was age 62 by Dec. 31, with a gross household income less than $45,000 should not ignore the Elderly Homeowner/Renter Tax Credit, or 2EC from the Montana Department of Revenue.
    I will be getting several hundred dollars from the state in a refund of rents paid. Montana does not have a sales tax.
    I guess it is time for the high tax states like NY, NJ, CA, IL and others to give their citizens a break on income taxes if they pay over the $10,000 federal limit in sales and property taxes. Don’t hold your breath Ds are always wanting you to pay your fair share, CRAZY!


  2. That was just a listing of taxes. When I closed the Bank of Dad, I thought I was going to get to keep some of my money. Then my wife opened the Bank of Grandma.


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