What is wrong with Americans?

Have we just become a population of you owe me? I’m entitled, I deserve more individuals?

All too many Americans seem to view government as the source of their security while discounting where government gets the money to redistribute. The two main sources of government revenue are income taxes and payroll taxes … Your Money and someone else’s money.

Look at the comment below. Do you think this person has the slightest understanding of how the system works? Not a chance and there are more like this person than any other. She doesn’t understand why she only paid $104 for a few years, why it is now $134 or why the SS COLA was 2%. She merely thinks she was treated unfairly and didn’t receive enough “from government.”

How much do the citizens of the United States want to take for themselves from other citizens? There are, of course, individuals who suffer misfortune throughout their lives and because of this, need society’s helping hand. That has always been the case.

But there are many more who go through life making decisions, living a lifestyle with minimal regard for the future, for the risks they may face, people who have a difficult time distinguishing between needs, wants and desires and thus affordability in spending.

In today’s political environment it is impossible to find the right balance because one party sees nothing but entitlement and fosters such thinking by convincing people they are being cheated by others. They discount individual responsibility and find scapegoats among the successful in our society. Worse, they mislead or ignore the facts of federal spending and the fiscal state of the major social programs.

Even now in anticipation of the 2018 election Democrats are linking necessary changes to both Social Security and Medicare to the Trump tax overhaul. There is no connection, they know it, they see the Trustees reports, but it doesn’t matter because this is a good tool to shift blame and gain votes. But you see, after the election they will have to face the truth.

If they want to keep these programs solvent and equally important sustainable, they will have to support changes which means higher taxes on all and/or lower benefits in the future. Demographics are against us. There are fewer working Americans to support the beneficiaries and even politicians can’t change that.

So arm yourself with facts so you can see when you are being misled or lied to and being used for political gain while your benefits are placed at greater risk by inaction. The government doesn’t give you anything it doesn’t first take from its citizens … or borrow for future generations to absorb.


  1. RD- You forgot about debt, in some years almost one third of the federal government spending is covered by debt. When interest rates climb, how many in Congress will approve more debt. The cuts will maybe happen then, I can only hope they stop the runaway debt spending soon.


  2. Isn’t what she missed was the deferral of the premium increase in Medicare Part B premium from 2017 to combine it with 2018 – because there was no COLA in prior year(s). If so, how soon she forgets that her take home should have been less in 2017, but for ..,


  3. Keep Dumbing down the education in schools and this is what you get: Time to get back to the 3 “R’s” and the tune of the “Hickory Stick” No safe zones.. Suck it up and move on.. Some finish and someone has to finish last.. Learn from your finish and try to improve on it…. I could go on and on but I think you get the drift..


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