Now it’s simply lying about fixing Medicare and Social Security. You should be insulted by the rhetoric & concerned about the disregard for our future

As I have mentioned more times than you probably wanted to hear, the Trustees of both Social Security and Medicare have been raising the alarm for years on the need for higher taxes and or program changes to keep the programs solvent.

One Congress after another has ignored the warnings and this Congress is no different. In fact it’s worse, much worse. Instead of taking action, our attention is being diverted by political games; no, outright lies. Tax reform has nothing to do with the need to change Social Security and Medicare in some manner.

Now we are being told that no review of the programs will take place because any changes will fund tax breaks for the rich. You should be outraged that the security of Americans is being put at risk for political gain.

“We will not use Medicare and Med­icaid and So­cial Se­cu­rity as an ATM ma­chine for the Re­pub­li­cans to give tax breaks to their wealthy friends and cor­po­rate Amer­ica,” said House Mi­nor­ity Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) on Thurs­day.


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  1. There is another way. Let the taxpayers and beneficiaries decide how each wants to fill the gap. That is, you keep benefits unchanged and raise funding proportional to existing funding burdens to close the gap.

    I wrote this up over 20 years ago based on decades of successfully implementing change at a Fortune 100 form.


  2. What a nice political and cowardice way to kick the can down the road and provide cover for the Democrats as a reason for doing nothing in 2018.

    There is only two ways to fix Medicare and Social Security. Raise the payroll taxes or cut benefits or some combination thereof. Since the Republicans would want some kind of offset to raising the payroll taxes, then benefits or something else would have to get cut. If they did the right thing and raised the taxes, then on the campaign trail for next year’s midterm elections the Democrats and any Republicans who voted for it would get beat for raising taxes.

    Republicans are happy that they will not have to face voters if they actual passed a bill that cut something and they can blame the Democrats for not wanting to address the issue. If I was a Republican I would introduce a bill to fix this mess and let the Democrats tie it up in committee in order to blame them.

    The day of reckoning will soon be here and there will be no political cover for anyone when they have to actually cut benefits and raise payroll taxes at the same time by much larger percentages then if they did it now.

    The effect would be the same, another kick.


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