The left’s wish list; how to make it all fit together?

Politicians part of the American left have mentioned all of the below issues:

  1. Raise the minimum wage
  2. Expand Social Security
  3. Lower taxes on everyone except the “wealthy”
  4. Provide all Americans with “free” health care
  5. Raise taxes on the top 20% of taxpayers
  6. Don’t cut Medicare or Medicaid
  7. Make Social Security solvent and sustainable
  8. Make Medicare HI Trust solvent
  9. Provide higher Social Security COLAs
  10. Expand Medicaid
  11. Provide free college

The pieces can’t fit, especially if you want a robust economy, but it all sounds good. Time to ask the hard questions 🤑


  1. It sure looks like a winning strategy to me. Give goodies out to everyone at the expense of only 20%. With the help of the left wing press convincing people that they are victims of the system and that “FREE” means there is no cost to you, how can it miss? If there is a downside or unintended consequences to the strategy, we will leave that for another day when somebody else will have to sort it all out.


  2. At first blush, I might agree. But. thinking more about it, I think the list is not accurate. I would have only one item on the left’s list: The left wants enough money, regardless of the source, so it can institute federal government programs, some which reach into states, designed to buy enough votes and gain/remain in control. The rest is a means to an end.


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