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Don’t touch my …

Social Security, Medicare or any other “promises” made in the past.

Any politician who dares to suggest changes to these much revered programs even prospectively, takes his or her political life in their hands.

Consider this from Sen Marco Rubio:

We have to generate economic growth which generates revenue, while reducing spending. That will mean instituting structural changes to Social Security and Medicare for the future.” He suggested reducing benefits and raising the retirement age for future retirees, so people can prepare for the change.


Not only do most Americans not want changes to these programs, many believe they deserve more such as higher COLAs, and overall increases in the benefits provided. That includes a higher Social Security benefits formula and expanded Medicare coverage. I was listening to a lively discussion among several senior women recently who could not understand why “they” don’t cover dental expenses under Medicare and vision care as well. But they were glad Medicare did pay for them to get their toenails cut.

Makes you wonder how much of their income Americans want to send to the politicians in Washington so they can decide how to give it back. Well, at least it makes me wonder🤔


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  1. I agree however, here’s what’s wrong,Someone making $85,000 pay the same Medicare premium as someone making $25,000. This is a chunk for someone only receiving $25,000 in SS with the increase Medicare is projecting for 2018. Seems to me they could use a sliding scale for premiums instead of all pay the same. Especially when the premium increased some $25.00 from previous years, however due to a $15. increase (net in SS with the COLA,) one can’t fight with the government. for the $134.00 premium that everyone on SS must comply with for a premium for Medicare. Let’s see does that cover the increase my lawn man charges or the Homeowners insurance increase,and car insurance premiums, I hardly think so. Perhaps it isn’t much more for those making $85,000 a year, however for those making $25,000 it means don’t pick up a med RX because of the increase in cost, or a Tier change, or see the doc as regularly so why the government isn’t taking into consideration these costs to seniors is beyond my knowledge. Providing Medicare recipients with a sliding scale premium seems to be a lot more sensible. Again, they hit the guy who doesn’t receive much from SS (above the poverty level but still at a low income)


    • You are right that up to a total income of $85,000 everyone pays the same premium, but above that individuals pay considerably more based on their income and those incomes were adjusted in 2018 so those higher income people pay even more than in 2017. Also, there was no premium increase in Part B. What happened was that those folks who had their premiums frozen because there was no COLA had to catch up to the regular premium that new beneficiaries were paying in 2017.


      • Why is it wrong that someone who makes $85k pays the same as someone making $25k? Should a person who makes $85k pay more for a dozen eggs than some who makes $25k? Should they pay more for a gallon of gas, a kilowatt of electricity? Does one day in ICU cost differently depending on your income?

        If all these things cost the same why would you charge different prices based on income. I can see the checkout line at Walmart now as you have to prove your income to determine the price you will pay.

        If you want to go down that road how about charging people more for smoking all their life or being overweight. These are life choices that affect your health directly. How much money you earn does not affect your poor health directly only what you can buy with that money does.

        What’s next after that, charge people who worked in coal mines, chemical plants, or sit behind a desk all day more in health insurance or Medicare premiums?

        Since America declared that all men are created equal, then the costs for services and the billing should be the same. All men and women had an equal choice in America long before the civil rights movement to earn as much as could so they should not be penalized by those who were “less” fortunate, who had the means but failed to save, or just plain lazy (as in they didn’t work at all). But the socialist believe that regressive taxes is the only fair thing to do and to punish those who had ambition in their life.


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