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Tax reform, Trump and the wealthy have nothing to do with the state of Social Security

For thirty-years the Social Security Trustees, both Republicans and Democrat have been warning of the coming problems with the Social Security Trust funding and deficit and for those thirty-years both Republicans and Democrats have effectively ignored the warnings and even worse, have actively mislead the American people.

During those thirty years the American people have chosen to accept the political rhetoric with little or no initiative to learn the facts and demand change electing instead to ignore the problem or pass it along to another generation as long as they get what (they believe) they paid for.

In 2017 nothing seems to have changed. The ignorance, denial, misleading rhetoric and inaction continue unabated.

1985 Trustees Annual Report

1995 Trustees Annual Report

2005 Trustees Annual Report

2015 Trustees Annual Report


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  1. U can say that all u want..but in my opinion..Mr. Trump has failed me as my president..he promised to protect Social Security and Medicare and yet its being targeted..why?? I dont believe anything that comes out of his mouth …he has lied before and will lie again


  2. Anyone with any insight or takes the time to do the research knows you are right. It amazes me that our representatives ignore this until it is to their advantage to attack the opposition. So much for working “for the people”. I am concerned for our children and grandchildren. But they are only concerned for their pockets. Bush and Obama doubled the National debt without fixing the elephant in the room. At least President Trump is trying to get people back into the work force. The more people that contribute to SS, increases the dollars available. Maybe, just maybe it will help. Not a cure but definitely a beginning


  3. The Republican tax scam a.k.a. “tax reform” is a blatant gift to the wealthy which blows a huge hole in the deficit. They are touting their age-old warmed over idiotology of trickle down economics to close the deficit hole. When that doesn’t work as it surely will not (history teaches us), they will act horrified and slash entitlements such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security to solve the deficit crisis that they created.with their gifts to the wealthy That’s the awful connection.


    • Increasing the deficit is not good by any means, but tying all that with SS is not valid. Keep in mind that both Bush and Obama doubled the debt in their eight years while SS was getting worse and worse fiscally. If nobody even thought of tax reform SS would still have to be changed and or taxes increased on working people. We have gotten into a mess with open ended long term promises that nobody wants to recognize or pay for. Look at Sen Sanders telling people that SS is running a surplus. That is blatantly false and intended to mislead seniors.


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