Open enrollment


  1. To Atossa: It the offer is that your company pays for the Medicare Plan F premium which is a very rich plan, go to and read the benefits. If the procedure you have done is deemed medically necessary, with Medicare Supplement Plan F your portion will be zero. Of course there is a premium to pay for this plan, but you say your employer will pay the premium.

    The main difference will be your Rx. If the Rx plan offered is in fact a group benefit the same as the group plan you are presently with, you know your costs. If it a Medicare Rx Plan overseen by Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) you will be subject to the Donut hole when you reach a certain amount of drugs purchased. This is also explained under PDP plans on

    Either way you are very fortunate to have this benefit. The people of the USA who have to purchase an ACA plan to avoid penalty would die for your plan options.

    To Mr. Quinn How insulting to print the above picture of President Trump. I prey for you that a journalist or photographer never catches you in a photo such as this and posts it on the internet. This is very disturbing to me that you promote this kind of disservice to the President of The United States!


  2. I am blessed that my former employer pays 100% of my retiree health care insurance. Now that I am 65 with Medicare primary, I must decide between staying on the group PPO or going to Medicare supplement F with group drug coverage. Either way my former employer pays 100% of the premium. I’m leaning towards going with F with group drug coverage. Any advice, suggestions ??


    1. It all depends on your employer plan. If you had a few thousand in medical bills in one year which plan would have lowest out of pocket costs to you?


      1. Good question.

        I know my out of pocket is too much when I’m only on the PPO. But I have no clue how much it pays after Medicare pays primary. That’s why I’m leaning towards Medicare supplement F. At least I’d know what my out of pocket would be [very little] for Medicare covered services. But that doesn’t make it the better choice overall.

        The Irony is… my former profession was health insurance. I pity others trying to figure it out who don’t have that background.


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