2018 Medicare Part B Premiums

NOTE THE CHANGED INCOME RANGES for 2018. They are not indexed.


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  1. Mr. Quinn – I am confused – does this mean that my Social Security COLA will not go toward Medicare premiums as you have previously stated with my income at less than $85,000? – please clarify? – thank you


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    Even though Medicare said it didn’t raise the rate from last year [keeping the rate at $134 for most people] it will be getting a lot more money in 2018 in total because the “hold harmless” majority will get a COLA in 2018 which allows their Medicare B rates to be raised to the current rate.



  3. Why do they keep taking and taking away ..and start giving back more..this is utterly ridiculous..i dont see why they cant leave it up to a person whether or not they want Medicare ..* mean what about those who dont go to the doctor but maybe once or twice a year..i would rather treat myself with natural products than make the drug companies richer.. now they are raising the me that is bad enuf i had to take SS early and now they want to raise what they take out?? Im glad i didnt vote for idiot Trump


    • Medicare premiums reflect Medicare costs. It has nothing to do with Trump. You don’t have to take Medicare if you don’t want it if you want to take the risk.


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      Speaking of “taking away”… the House GOP tax plan takes away the extra over age 65 deduction and increases taxes on the lowest incomes to 12%.

      As as now, the Senate version has reinstated the over 65 deduction and reinstated the 10% rate for lowest incomes. But God knows what will happen when they compromise.

      You won’t hear much about this from government officials or the media because frankly they think those of us who are over 65 with low incomes are not worth their effort and can “eat cake.”

      You notice GOP leaders didn’t address the unfair Social Security tax that was imposed decades ago on incomes that were never indexed for inflation… so now even the poor must pay it.



    • I was under the impression that you could choose not to have Medicare. But if you do not want Medicare, you lose your Social Security benefits too.

      If you do not want Medicare then I think that the hospitals should not let you in the doors unless you have cash. But hospitals by law must treat to stabilize so who pays that bill? All the non-Medicare people with and without health insurance, raising rates for everybody.

      Since Social Security and Medicare is a package you should think as the amount as total compensation, which the value still goes up every year because medical cost keep raising for the same coverage. When you were an employee, the business had to account for the cost of a worker to include all wages, benefits, taxes, and admin cost to pay that employee and give them the benefits. Nobody costs just minimum wage, it is always more than that.

      Trump has nothing to do with the COLA. It has been on the books for years.

      And why should anybody expect a raise for doing nothing? I know I don’t.


      • .

        ” Since Social Security and Medicare is a package you should think as the amount as total compensation, which the value still goes up every year because medical cost keep raising for the same coverage.”

        Because of the income tax imposed on SS decades ago that was never indexed for inflation… even low income SS recipients must now pay income tax on that whole SS package [including their SS money spent on their ever increasing Medicare B premium.]



      • You only pay income tax on 50% of the SS benefits, the 50% funded by the employer and which was never taxed before. Those who pay tax on 85% of the SS benefit are funding Medicare with the extra 15%. Since no retiree has payed in anywhere near enough to fund their benefits, who should pay only the top 1% of Americans? Everything that has been promised is underfunded.


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