401k changes in the tax reform bill

💲 If you take a hardship withdrawal, you will be able to continue contributions. Currently you are suspended for six months.

💲 You will be able to borrow against the full value of your account, rather than only your contributions.

💲 If you have an outstanding loan at termination of employment, you have until your income taxes are due (following April 15) to repay the loan and avoid a 10% tax penalty instead of the current 60 days.

In some ways these are good changes, on the other hand they may also encourage withdrawals and loans which is not good.

One comment

  1. .

    They should have done away with the burdensome Social Security tax which was enacted decades ago using income amounts that were NOT indexed for inflation… and the burdensome government mandated minimum distribution for traditional IRAs [or at least raised the age.]



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