The liberal viewpoint

Interesting perspective. Voting against ones best interest and that of their children actually means voting for people who ignore the 1/2 trillion dollar deficit and growing federal debt and also ignore the fiscal warnings from the Social Security and Medicare Trustees and the Congressional Budget Office.

The national debt, while certainly not a good thing, is NOT the most imminent threat to lower and middle class people and their kids (that’s propaganda that you’ve clearly bought into.) No, that would be a lack of affordable healthcare and social services, a tax reform bill that favors the rich and corporations, the gutting of environmental regulations, and an eroding of civil rights. If you voted republican, you voted for those things and, in turn, against your own self interests.

It seems to me the problem we have is the inability for many to look to the future in favor of only the imminent. The fact is we cannot continue to meet the social needs of the present if we don’t address the growing debt and liabilities. The national debt concerns are not propaganda, ignoring it and making people think it is not critical is. And yes, it will eventually have a negative impact on lower and middle class Americans just like the Great Depression and Great Recession did. 

One can only wonder if the no big deal point of view is held by people with large credit card debt and outrageous interest payments in favor of instant gratification. 

How can we address the problems facing Social Security and Medicare without considering debt and taxes? Propaganda is selling the idea that only the rich need to pay higher taxes to solve our problems. Propaganda is telling people Social Security is running a surplus. Irresponsible politicians are the ones who ignore the warnings of the Trustees year after year. 

The view expressed in the above quote from Facebook reflects a naive view of the world and one where only government can do the right thing. If average people did the right thing and took responsibility, we wouldn’t need more regulations or civil rights laws would we? 


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  1. TV and radio ads say you do not have to pay your credit card debt and only have to play the IRS pennies on the dollar. Who do you WANT to believe? Are you going to believe someone who going to cost you money? Of course not, I need another coffee and tattoo.


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