It’s all about health insurance premiums… not‼️

Politicians want us to focus on premiums and those bad insurance companies. They generally ignore what drives premiums, which in large measure is treating disease caused by or made worse by lifestyles. 

It’s hard to tell people the truth, but the truth is the health care we need, we want, we demand is what drives the premiums we pay and that includes our search for the quick fix via prescription drugs. 


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  1. There is an article online from the Philadelphia Inquirer explaining how the government backed flood insurance works. It is based on outdated FEMA flood maps, the coastal cities subsidised by the cities in the middle of the country that are by rivers. FEMA limits the payout amount because they can’t afford to replace million homes on the ocean. Rates were set to rise 25% per year but it is not clear if that is happening. Congress has in the past forced FEMA to keep the premiums lower than actual costs. The flood insurance program is in debt for several billion dollars and growing after this hurricane season.

    I think you can substitute the word health insurance for flood insurance to show the future result in healthcare.


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