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Concern, politics or just plain stupid

This is from a Democratic National Committee (DNC) e-mail:

Medical professionals have produced long-acting and oral contraceptives that are safer and more reliable than ever before. And thanks to the Affordable Care Act, more than 55 million American women have cost-free access to birth control — saving women an average of $250 per year.

Somebody paid $13,750,000,000 so those women could save $250 and no; it was not offset by avoided pregnancies … unless you believe couples are so irresponsible when it comes to sex they need government intervention to act prudently.  

We make health care too complicated. It’s all about our distorted view of individual responsibility and our distorted concept of insurance. Here is a good example from the DNC.

If you agree with them then you too are helping to create the problems we face. Nothing is free, nothing affordable should be covered by insurance and certainly any collective help we give to others should be based on need, not politics. But in this example politics are foremost the issue pandering to a whole gender for votes and nothing more.

You may jump to the conclusion that this is helping the poor; not true, the poor have had and should have free access. It has nothing to do with affordability. If spending $8.00 to $30.00 a month on a Rx (less if we simply applied the normal co-pay) is not affordable for the vast majority of families, what is when it comes to health care? What about the family with a $5,000 deductible, is that affordable? 

 Most of those 55 million women had coverage for contraceptives long before the ACA and paid their normal co-pay without issue, but that’s not “free.”

This Democratic pandering is a perfect example of politics over people, of pitting one group against another, of misleading and distorting the facts and logic. Republicans on the other hand are extreme in the other direction, naively sending out their competition propaganda message also misleading Americans.


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  1. I wonder if one of these think tanks can do the math for me. If a woman saves $250 and that $250 is added to the national debt, then how much do men and women actually pay in taxes servicing that debt plus the original $250? Now times that by the number of years this remains “free” and the number of years to pay off that debt for the first $250 and then add that to ever additional free year and the resulting debt service that the taxpayers must pay.

    How about the government buying the patent to one type of birth control drug and have a manufacturer make it at cost plus a fixed percentage profit like a utility. To me that might be a better use of $13.75B and would be a “pay as you go” instead of being tax to service debt forever.


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