Here we go again on the pill

Here is the biased headline from HuffPost:

“NEW YORK ― President Donald Trump’s administration issued a new rule Friday that allows all employers to opt out of including birth control in their health insurance plans for any moral or religious reason, rolling back the Obama-era requirement that guaranteed contraception coverage at no cost to 62 million women.”

The facts are that most employers (and Medicaid) covered birth control long before anyone ever heard of Obamacare and will continue to do so after this ruling. A tiny percentage of women will be adversely affected in terms of paying for their own birth control. No doubt the press and others will make a big deal of this. 

I wonder why none of these groups seeking fairness in all aspects of our lives don’t protest Medicare refusing to pay for ED medication for men? 

But the real issue which reflects only political correctness and politics is the fact that among all the important drugs saving lives and improving the quality of life for men and women only birth control pills must be “free.” 

And no, it is no about affordability or anything like that. The poor already had access and the cost of the pill can be less than $10.00 a month. In addition, under Obamacare low income people have deductibles and co-pays subsidized in any case. But for some reason even high earners are entitled to free contraception while modest earners struggle with Epipen co-pays and some seniors can’t afford the medication they would like. 

This is the misdirected biased logic of the left that drives some of us nuts. Of course, nothing is free, but if we are going to make it appear that way, why not spend the money on something with a major return like medication for smoking cessation or insulin, etc. 


What's your opinion on this post? Readers would like your point of view.

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