Why haven’t we been able to enact a comprehensive heath care law that works?

That’s a complicated question and I believe the answer has changed over the years, but always it includes a lack of understanding of how health care is perceived by the vsrious parties involved. Total freedom for the what, when and where we receive health care is not compatible with lower cost and higher quality. Nor is the cost of health care and the outcomes it produces unrelated to our life choices and life styles. 

We believe health care is a right, but beyond that we can’t agree on much. Health care is a system that can consume any blank check. That is driven by both patient and provider for various reasons. We abhor third-party influence over our care; something that many countries accept as routine. Our politicians promise us we can have it all and they are not telling us the truth. Until they do and Americans accept it, our changes of implementing a sustainable system for all Americans are slim. 

We have been at this for over seventy-years. You would have thought we would figure it out by now. 

President Truman’s health message November 1945 His proposal was a voluntary national insurance program; optional to join and optional for health care providers to participate. The AMA characterized the bill as “socialized medicine”, and in a forerunner to the rhetoric of the McCarthy era, called Truman White House staffers “followers of the Moscow party line”


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  1. Why? Most American’s health care wants exceed their willingness to pay! Until someone confirms they can’t use government to force others to pay for services they need, you won’t come up with a workable solution.

    Just as important, unlike food, shelter, autos, computers , phones, etc., too many believe they have a right to consume health services in excess of their ability to pay.

    As I always say, people want the best coverage YOUR money will buy.


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