Consequences of Medicare For All

Sen Sanders wants Medicare-for-All or at least that’s the rallying cry, but not what he really means. Medicare as it is today would be both unaffordable and unacceptable to most Americans expecting a good deal. 

But there are other implications for the Sanders version of universal coverage that need to be thought out with a long-term view. 

For example, Medicaid pays doctors about 72% of what Medicare pays and Medicare pays doctors between 76% and 80% of what the private sector pays. So, if the private sector pays $100 for a visit Medicare pays $80 and Medicaid pays about $57. 

What do you think will happen if all payments were at the $80 level? What will happen if all former Medicaid beneficiaries received care at the $80 level? 

Today the cost problem for Medicare is not the fees paid which it sets, but the use of health care which Medicare does a poor job monitoring or managing. 

What do you think will happen with a combination of lower fees being paid to providers and no cost sharing by any American? 

Sanders and company make it sound so simple, it isn’t. They make it sound free; it sure isn’t. They make is sound like we can all have much more and spend less money; we can’t. They make it sound as if our access to any and all health care will be unfettered; it won’t be.

What do you think are the unsaid consequences of a Bernie Sanders style health care system; consequences that will affect you?

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