Let’s think about this spending 

Old Bernie Sanders has a grand plan for health care, a plan very appealing on its surface especially when we don’t know how it will be paid for.

There is one thing we do know; it will involve taxes, lots of taxes on everyone. But wait you say, I may pay more taxes, but I don’t pay health insurance premiums or out-of-pocket costs …whoopee ‼️

That may be true … the first year or maybe two, but guess what happens as costs escalate when Americans start using all that “free” health care.

There is more to think about. Today the US is $20 trillion in debt. and growing as a percentage of the GDP.

The Social Security Trust needs a major influx of funds just to pay what has already been promised, the Medicare trust is running out of money, our annual deficit is half a trillion dollars and several states are in sad fiscal condition meaning they too need more revenue.

Then we have the calls (by the same people promoting Medicare-for-all) to expand Social Security using higher taxes.

In other words, just to continue to fulfill all the promises already made, significant tax increases are necessary and naive Bernie Sanders and his supporters want more of everything which they say will be paid by the wealthy. That is a false and impossible promise.



  1. Those that believe in this don’t worry about paying taxes. Until ‘their’ services are cut, ‘their’ medical benefit is denied because they are considered too old, too much of a risk or not the best candidate for that surgery in spite of their age, this ‘free’ healthcare will be nirvana for them. Pushing grandma off the cliff? Nah, won’t happen if Okd Bernie is there. Hmmmm


  2. I am willing to have YOU pay much more so I can get more free stuff. To quote Thatcher: Socialism works just fine until you run out of other people’s money.


    1. When they run out of other people’s money and no one wants to buy government debt, they will just raise the tax rate to 50% or more, for everyone. And then cut services to the bone. Crazy political elite are ruining the country.


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