Keep the consequences of “free” health care in mind

Senator Sanders proposes a Medicare-for-all plan that virtually eliminates all out-of-pocket costs (no deductibles or co-pays) while also expanding coverage to dental and vision.

That is a prescription for fiscal disaster and ignores the reality of health care spending.

Where is it written and why is it a common perception reasonable cost of health care should not be part of the family budget?


  1. Where does that chart come from (attribution)? Looks like it is in nominal dollars, not real dollars, adjusted for inflation. That is, today’s $1,000 deductible is less, as a percentage of the cost of coverage, than a $100 deductible 30 years ago (the 1980’s).

    So, the generosity of coverage has NOT declined for most Americans – for most Americans who have employer sponsored coverage, and those with Medicare, their coverage includes benefits for a higher percentage of the point of purchase expenses than were covered by the typical health plan in the 1970’s. That is, Americans typically pay, on average, less than 15% of the cost of services out of pocket.


    1. It’s hand drawn just for illustration, not accurate numbers. But I disagree, out-of-pocket costs and premium sharing have been steadily increasing for people with networks shrinking and for those emp,ored by large companies, their coverage (retirees) has disappeared. I remember the $100 deductible applied just for outpatient services. Where does the 15% come from. I know of no one who comes close to that today.


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