How the Bernie Sanders Plan Would Both Beef Up and Slim Down Medicare – The New York Times

Here is a good assessment of the Sanders plan. I suggest you read it carefully. Sanders and anyone who supports this approach is very naive. It’s a recipe for major cost increases, and strict government control over the health care you can receive.

Since the cost would be paid via taxes mostly paid by somebody else it’s also a recipe for “who cares what it costs?”

While 100% coverage for just about any health care including vision, and dental care sounds appealing it’s actually a reinforcement of what got us into trouble in the first place … health care spending is not my responsibility.

Such a plan has no chance of working without the government doing exactly what people decry about insurance companies (questioning care, limiting access, managing care, directing access … and raising premiums or taxes to meet growing costs of health care) and worse, much worse.


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  1. It appears that the NYT and Margot Sanger-Katz the author understand that you just can’t have plan that depends on no cap. Having the government hand out blank checks will never work and no way to pay for it.

    Why doesn’t Bernie just say that there will be only government clinics that provide all services. There would be no need for billing if everybody gets everything free. Think of the admin costs you could save. There would be no wasted effort in signing up people every year since everybody would be entitled to free care. Since the insurance companies would be out of business what choice would people have?

    I hope that I don’t live to see it.


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