Not even physicians understand health insurance, eh not even?

Okay here is an idea from a physician who apparently has no clue about how health insurance works, but he or she is in good company, neither do most other people. They only see two things; the premium and the insurance company.

This is so pathetic, it’s actually funny … sort of. I wonder where he thinks the costs will go and how they will be paid for? Move Medicaid to Medicare and free up money? Payroll deductions can cease?

 “Open Medicare to compete with private insurance so if BCBS is charging about $2000 per month for a family, then Medicare could charge something like $1800, based on income,” says another physician. “Families can choose between Medicare option and private insurance as it is now. Veterans get 5 percent off of monthly premium for every year they serve so in 20 years it is free. States can move Medicaid patients to Medicare and free up state money for other purposes. Once enough families on Medicare, the program is solvent and payroll deductions can cease or be reduced. Insurance companies can still sell supplemental insurance to Medicare as well.”

Source: More than 90 percent oppose single-payer medical care: AAPS | BenefitsPRO


  1. I am a retired USAF MSgt and I do not think anyone should get 100% free healthcare. Ideas like this are just more pie in the sky, as long as someone else pays for the true cost of medical care.


    1. If people want 100% free healthcare, I wonder how long until those same people start demanding 100% free food for all. If you do not eat you will not live long enough to use healthcare.

      Wait, I got it. Dining out will become a part of free healthcare, because if you don’t eat, you can’t live. Now where is my 5-star restaurant guide book? I am eating out (I mean healthy) on somebody else’s dime. Doctor’s orders.


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