Advertising Obamacare open enrollment

According to the NYTs,

Officials with the Department of Health and Human Services, who insisted on not being identified during a conference call with reporters, said on Thursday that the advertising budget for the open enrollment period that starts in November would be cut to $10 million, compared with $100 million spent by the Obama administration last year, a drop of 90 percent.

Bet you didn’t know $100 million was still spent on advertising years after the law went into effect.

Democrats accuse the Trump administration of trying to undermine the law. The administration says there were diminishing returns spending that amount of money.

One would think that at this point every American would know about Obamacare and those that want health insurance would have it.

What say ye, prudent spending or undermining the law?

One comment

  1. Enforce all the penalty taxes, and, that would be sufficient “advertising”. And, of course, once a person has paid the individual mandate penalty, the need to enroll in health coverage (and/or the economics of the coverage decision) would be obvious … that seems like the best possible return on “penalty advertising”.

    In fact, many behavioral economics studies show that you have to have a reward that is more than twice the value of the loss in order to have the same motivating effect.

    The real issue here is “what’s the goal?” For the D’s, I think the goal is free advertising of the availability of coverage as a means to buy votes. For the R’s, I think the goal is … I don’t know what their goal would be on spending money for advertising when they can get much, much greater motivation by simply enforcing the law as it is written.

    Have a nice day!


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