The notion that health insurance is actually insurance is a joke🤡

The Medicare Hospital Trust is going broke in ten years, Part B premiums continue to rise and we spend half a trillion dollars a year more than our federal revenue and what do lawmakers and many Americans want? MORE‼️

Maybe it’s time we acknowledge that we don’t want insurance at all, we want somebody else to pay all our bills.

U.S. Representative Sander Levin of Michigan recently introduced a bill that proposes including dental, hearing and eye care services in Medicare. The Medicare Dental, Vision, and Hearing Benefit Act of 2017 [H.R. 3111] would nullify the current exclusion on coverage of important items and services, while expanding the Medicare benefit package to include dental, vision and hearing care. Levin, who remains a ranking member of the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Health, told Michigan Radio that “it’s important to improve and expand health insurance in the U.S., not limit it.”

View the bill in its entirety

When introducing the bill, Levin noted that the chasm in insurance coverage for senior citizens who need such services can be dangerous. This lack of coverage can lead to health issues resulting from various complications:

Diabetes and cardiovascular disease are associated with a lack of appropriate dental care.

• Vision loss is the third leading chronic condition among seniors and can lead to depression, decrease of cognitive function, and increase of injuries due to falls.

• Hearing loss negatively affects nearly 66% of seniors by socially isolating them.

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  1. I always thought that hearing loss and poor eyesight was just one of those things that happen when you grow old. I am happy that science has developed things that can improve the quality of life such as hearing aids and eyeglasses. But to me that should be an expected expense. (Spoiler alert, everybody will die too.)

    So today I heard an ad on the radio for the University of Penn, Heart & Vascular Center in Philadelphia that said “Penn will never settle until we get you back to the life you want to live”. (It is on their web site too.)

    What I heard was that we will keep treating you and collecting money until you can no longer pay. When you are broke, you will settle on the fact that this is the way you want to live. Hey I would like to do all the stuff that I did as a twenty year old but I am pretty sure that no matter what amount of insurance, my hearing, teeth, and vision is now what it is.


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