Giving Away Corporate Tax Cuts Is Not How to Make the United States More Competitive – Center for American Progress

American competitiveness would be better served by ensuring that U.S. corporations pay their fair share of taxes and investing those revenues in education, infrastructure, and other public investments that make America a desirable place to do business.


Source: Giving Away Corporate Tax Cuts Is Not How to Make the United States More Competitive – Center for American Progress

If you listen to the American left, nobody except the nearly 50% of Americans who pay no federal income taxes,  pay their fair share. The answer is always the same, tax more and spend more no matter the deficit and the national debt. And always the new revenue is going to nice sounding stuff like they explain above. 

It’s not about spending more on education, but directing the right education to the right people. We can spend all we want on education, but if it not focused and if the recipients are not motivated or capable of using that education it is wasted money. 

We have been hearing about infrastructure spending for nearly a decade. Trillions have been in invested much in deficit spending and we haven’t made any progress? 

When did the answer become only more public investment; when was that ever efficient? In times of crisis public investment may be necessary and desirable, but why on an ongoing basis? 

We take money from citizens and corporations and filter it through a massive bureaucracy staffed by hundreds of thousands of people who earn from 20% to 90% more than their private sector counterparts and that’s the best way to run a country? It’s the best way to make Americans ever more dependent on government run by people most Americans don’t trust. 

I find it interesting that groups like CAP rarely talk about taxing to lower the deficit, but always to spend more. If money alone could have solved our many problems it would have done so long ago. 🤑


  1. What the idiots at CAP least understand is Econ 102 – Microeconomics Basics;
    (1) The incidence of corporate taxes is not the same as the impact of corporate taxes. What they seek is to tax the owners of the corporation, a wealth tax which is unconstitutional. What they achieve is an increase in prices consumers pay, to the extent the demand for the products is elastic. Where there is no elasticity, expect less product or service – with greater leisure or allocation to financials.
    (2) Capital and employment are not limited by political boundaries. In this respect, they share stupidity with President Trump and President Obama. Again, expect to see investment increase outside the United States – inversions, etc.


  2. Yesterday I read about a high school in Texas that just spent $74 millions on a new 12,000 person football stadium with luxury boxes. What if they spent that money on education? How much did their local taxes go up for that? Why would you take on that kind of debt for 6 or 7 games a year? One would hope that federal educational tax money is not being used but I bet they got some federal money. If the people like being tax to death, then $74 million would have replaced a lot of small bridges on county highways. The government has a habit of always building new and never maintaining what we have.


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