The far left shares the blame like it or not😱

While I doubt they will admit it or even recognize it, the far left is as much responsible for the divide and disruption of America as the far right. 

Both factions play on the fears of Americans, both mislead and both attempt to impose their radical views rather than listen to people and address their concerns. 
Let’s take immigration as one example. The facts are virtually all Americans are immigrants or descendants of immigrants and the United States needs immigrants to grow and prosper. In addition, many Americans use immigrant labor directly or indirectly and benefit from their low wages, including the vocal liberal set who cry about a $15.00 minimum wage. 

It is also a fact the different parts of the Country (Southwest, Southeast, Northeast, etc.) experience the impact of immigration; more specifically illegal immigration, differently. 

While it should be clear we need rational policies for all immigration and a reasonable strategy to deal with existing illegal immigrants, neither the left or right extremes seem to want that. 

The far right presents a naive anti-immigrant view and fosters unfounded fears with stories of crime, taking jobs from “Americans” and the like. 

The far left ignores the concerns of Americans, wants to ignore our laws and to actively block enforcement while seeking what appears to many to be total amnesty and an open door policy. 

As usual with extremes, our Country and our citizens are the losers. Immigration is only one example of the extreme left and right tearing us apart and blocking progress toward lasting solutions. Health care, minimum wage, Social Security and many other issues are also examples. 

Extreme views, even apparently appealing ones (like paying nothing or “free”) have consequences. A fifteen dollar minimum wage, Medicare-for-all, building a wall, banning some immigrants all have consequences and many are not good. 
The extreme views create fantasies that all too many people are willing to accept with minimal thought about the consequences. 

So while blasting the far right is the favorite pastime of the press and pundits, the far left is just as far off base. In the meantime our debt grows, our deficit is still half a trillion dollars a year and both extremes make us look foolish to the rest of the world. 

Rise up moderates; the middle, centrists or whatever you want to be called. We need a good dose of common sense. Compromise and rejection of extremes has gotten us through tough times before, why not now? Perhaps because we are being conned by a generation of spoiled brats used to getting their way and rewarded for just sounding right?

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  1. I remember when the press had integrity and followed some professional standards like verifying their sources and getting the opposing point of view. Today, money controls the message in the press. The Internet gives every person the ability to post extreme points of view without basis or facts. I have even read on reliable news web sites “sponsor links” of fake news such as this person is dead or something like that. Until something extreme happens, something greater than 911, then the left and the right will continue to drown out the middle who have common sense and those who do critical thinking. Until then, I do not think compromise will be possible for the most pressing issues.


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