What do you pay when you go to the doctor? Nothing‼️

What do you pay when you go to the hospital? Nothing‼️

That’s the dialogue between Old Bernie Sanders and a Canadian in his audience as he promoted his Medicare-for-all idea.

That’s very unfortunate. Many people actually believe they can receive health care for free. (Ask seniors who have Medicare today what their total premiums and costs are).

Old Bernie forgot to ask, “What do you pay in taxes and what are the consequences of your system?” Duh! Hey, you may like a universal system, but it’s not you pay “nothing.”

In addition, this simply reinforces the notion that nobody should spend their money on health care.

Exactly what is wrong with individuals paying a reasonable co-pay for health care?


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  1. What an interesting mindset. Since I do not pay a “road tax”, then there is no cost to me to drive across America and all roads should be toll free. Public schools are free for my kids because I do not directly pay a school tax, (in NJ it is rolled up into “property tax”) thus has no cost to me. Why isn’t college free if high school is free? Police protection cost me nothing because I have no police tax. Why isn’t there a cop on every block to stop crime? I have no state pension and since the public pension problem does not cost me anything, it is not my problem because I pay no pension tax. Why can’t I have a free pension like public employees?

    Basically, I should have free access to ALL government programs at NO cost to me. Since most programs have no direct tax by name, then no costs are borne by me that it is not my problem.

    I wonder what these people think their “too high” taxes pay for?


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