Unnecessary surgery 😷

CHICAGO, July 21— Nearly half the patients who had heart bypass operations in three hospitals either should not have had them or might have done as well without them, a new study says.The study, conducted by researchers for the Rand Corporation, was published in the latest issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association.

That above is from an article in the NYTs back in 1988, but it doesn't matter. Google the subject today and you will find any number of articles past and present relating studies indicating widespread unnecessary or ineffective surgery.

Back in the 1980s employer plans made an effort to limit this kind of surgery, even paying for second opinions; probably largely ineffective.

The extent to which there is unnecessary surgery or any health care for that matter is up for debate, but the point is that regardless of the system; single payer, Medicare-for-all or Obamacare, health care costs and hence premiums cannot be managed unless there are changes in the way health care is delivered.

If anyone tells you differently, they are ignorant on the subject or simply lying, especially if they are a politician.


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  1. Q, Once again you are right on the money. For most of my lifetime, seventy years, I have heard the phrase, “the third rail” of politics is social security. I would substitute now the word Rationing of health care. That word has not been uttered by any politician so far as I know. But the health care gurus do speak of it among themselves routinely.


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