Is Obamacare working? That depends on what it was designed to do. 

Did millions of Americans gain health insurance or Medicaid? Yes

Did Obamacare improve the quality of health care? Very marginally if at all. 

Did Obamacare make health care affordable? Certainly not!

When you have a system filled with inefficiency, with a lack of coordination and with inflation twice or more the CPI, you have not made health care affordable. The claim of affordability is based solely on the fact millions of Americans have their premiums subsidized and lower income people have deductibles and co-pays waived. This isn’t making health care affordable, it merely shifts costs to taxpayers. 

In addition, premiums people on exchange plans pay are artificially high because of adverse selection. That simply means that more people who need health care enroll while those who don’t, don’t enroll …. until they need care. 

I guess you can look at it this way, I could afford to buy a Bentley if you were paying 90% of the cost. 


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