Trump Administration can sink Obamacare without any change in the law

To stabilize the marketplaces, the administration would need to enforce the individual mandate as intended, commit to providing payments to insurers that compensate for reducing cost-sharing for low-income enrollees, and continue to provide outreach funds to support enrollment and consumer education activities.  Source: Opinion Washington Post 7-31-17

To the extent Obamacare is measured as a success, we can’t lose sight of the fact that health care costs have not been tamed and that its success is measured only considering extensive subsidies for individuals and insurance companies and shifting costs to various health care industries which in turn shift those costs to consumers and payers of health care. 


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  1. Oops. Implement as written? That means no individual mandate as Congress confirmed repeatedly it was a penalty, not as John Roberts, alone, decided that it was a tax. Implement as written? That means no subsidized coverage in the public exchanges for 35 or more states with federal exchanges, since the law says “state”, not “state or federal”. That means no funding for cost sharing reductions because the law requires an appropriation and Congress has not appropriated any money.

    Implement as written and it fails today, not tomorrow.

    There are solutions that do not involve vote buying – no one is interested in taking action that would create a sustainable system that would gain widespread, bipartisan and intergenerational support.


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