The American view on health care is quite amazing and based on a lack of facts

This is a Facebook comment in response to a Trump Tweet to just repeal Obamacare and worry about replacing later:

No replacement. we’re not a socialist/communist nation. repeal, let the free market reign, and let state and fed gov’t. come up w/whatever they’re going to do about medicaid. we the people are suffering socialist agendas and we are tired of DC’s brouhaha. no offense, government has absolutely no business running our healthcare, and, frankly, insurance companies need some competition too!

Ah the free market competition drumbeat. I love it. It’s such pure nonsense when it applies to health care. Insurance companies have been competing for decades and patients are not about to put shopping for health care above their concern for obtaining that care. 

I wonder what this person will do when they reach age 65? 


  1. When that person reaches 65 if we still have healthcare available; that person will be the first to bitch. If that person’s parents need Medicaid when they run out of funds from Doctor and Med bills; that person will explode. The same with those in Congress, after all they may not be covered by gold plated plans by then.
    We all paid into the SS system faithfully trusting that our government would invest any left over money into high yield plans NOT use it and then declare it to be an Entitlement for THEM.
    There should be enough in that plan to last a LONG time not just till 2030. But they used it for things for their states, their pockets, they promised to repay it all but that hasn’t happened in over 60 years. They tried to do it again in 2016 but a group in the HOUSE stood up to it and refused.
    Now if they take off the yearly limit so that everyone pays every paycheck; more money will accumulate into the fund but We have to make the plan dedicated once again so Congress can’t pickpocket it. We are Entitled to that money back. If we had invested it ourselves; it would be a nice figure by 65. That’s already been proved. Now we get taxed on money that WAS a TAX to begin with. Leave it to the Clinton’s. That tax money should have been reinvested back into the SS fund not the general treasury money.


    1. Facts please. First Congress does not have a gold plated health plan. They have an Obamacare exchange plan. Second, SS funds are invested in special treasury bonds which pay the Trust interest. A high yield investment would also mean risk which I doubt anyone wants.


  2. And your solution is? When / should we get to single payer, where every American has the right to health coverage at “no cost”, this won’t be England or Canada. We’ll be even more separated despite our common language. No, Americans who believe in single payer will want the best health care coverage YOUR money will buy. More vote buying. More government control.

    Do you like your lifestyle in retirement? Did you save all your working years? Did you dutifully pay your Social Security and Medicare Part A taxes – and fund Medicare Part B and more recently Medicare Part D with your income taxes (general revenues)? Well, get ready to sacrifice all once Social Security and Medicare move to a needs based platform. We were already headed there with the income surcharges for Medicare Part B and Medicare Part D. When all become entitled, how else would Congress allocate the burden in our progressive income tax system –
    where almost half pay no income taxes, and where almost half of those individuals who pay no income taxes, get the earned income credit – a tax refund of taxes they did not pay!

    Once Social Security and Medicare start to be funded by a combination of income and asset surcharges, get ready to start paying tens of thousands of dollars to cover yourself and your spouse in retirement. Fidelity estimates the cost of coverage in retirement for a couple age 65 at something like $250,000, watch that triple, or more – but only for those who saved for retirement.

    And, how instructive was it to see Baby Charley Gard die with no heroic attempts to save his life? How would a similar situation play out in a single payer America?:
    (1) Will we see the “death panel” equivalent in America, where some government-directed body says you can’t pursue an expensive, perhaps experimental solution that is NOT likely to succeed, even if you are willing to spend your own money, or
    (2) Will the fact that someone else is paying the bill work the opposite way in America, where everyone can select whatever care they want – and damn the price/cost.

    What’s your solution? Don’t worry, no one is listening anyway – they just want to use this challenge to buy voted. So, no one is listening to those who have extensive experience with health coverage and employee benefits and are willing to create bipartisan, intergenerationally-savvy solutions.

    I mean, how many health plans have John McCain, President Trump, and Chuck Schumer designed – where is evidence of their prior success?


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