Medicaid pregnancies 

17% of all non elderly (under age 65) women in US are on Medicaid. Of that number 70% are child bearing age (18 to 49), but they account for nearly 50% of all births in the US. 

That means roughly 12% of American women receiving Medicaid account for half the births in the US. At the same time Medicaid finances 75% of all publicly-funded family planning ­­­services. 

One thing is certain; poor and low income women, need Medicaid, and family planning services including Planned Parenthood. 

What is not so certain is the acceptability of the numbers and possibly the responsibility, the behavior and life choices that lead to them. They also raise the question of whether these programs create a Catch-22 of dependency and entitlement. 

One comment

  1. 12% of women on Medicaid have 50% of the US births. That is an amazingly sad number. I know that you believe that birth control should not be free as part of healthcare insurance but in many states it is free with Medicaid.

    My first thought is how many women get on Medicaid after they get pregnant? How many were on Medicaid before they got pregnant? How many were getting free birth control and not using it? How many kids are the taxpayers now supporting because the mother is “poor”. Makes it so that you want to sterilize both the mother and the father. ( I know that goes too far.)

    Bad life choices aside, if the rest of the population that had regular health insurance had those of birth rates, I would think that the insurance companies would willing offer free birth control just to keep from paying out on baby deliveries and the future care of said children.

    I wonder why non-Medicaid people are able to make smarter life choices or are they to tired from working all day to fool around at night?


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