New Medicare Cards

New Medicare cards are on the way sans your Social Security number. Now we are being warned that con men are not far behind trying to get the new numbers on the card presumably to submit false claims which CMS will uncover in 8-10 years😜

More administration and bureaucracy. Why do we need cards at all? What do they prove, they don’t prove I’m who I say I am? They don’t do anything except give my SS number to someone to enter into a claim system. Why do they need a card to do that? 

To me this is a good example of conventional thinking when we really need innovation. In our high tech world surely there are better, more secure, more efficient ways. 

Heck, I check out my supermarket shopping with my phone, lock my car, type this, find my way anywhere, find my wife’s phone, but I need a red, white and blue card to prove I have Medicare? 


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  1. I dont think we really need cards..if a person can memorize his or her Social Security number..then all the better..thats what i did..i dont need more cards to carry around.


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