Health care in the U.K.;  ideas that should work in the US … but probably won’t. 

Here’s in part what it takes to manage health care costs, but in the US we call it rationing or death panels, but what we don’t realize is that unnecessary care and over treatment is unhealthy for us let alone expensive.

Have you ever read the small print on Rx ads? The incremental value of some new drugs is minor. The key question though is can Americans accept objective decisions on who receives what health care? Can Americans put collective public interest above individual interest? 

“The United Kingdom has what’s known as the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. …They do a cost-effective analysis for any therapy. So, they’re not using imaging that’s not successful, they’re not using more expensive drugs that don’t enhance the quality and quantity of life, they’re not recommending therapies that don’t make people either feel better or live longer.

On the ethical issues of allowing a committee to decide which therapies are covered:

A commission like this would be able to make recommendations in the public interest that are science based and nonpartisan.”


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  1. Can Americans put collective public interest above individual interest?

    In a word “no”

    “All for one and one for all” died with the Three Musketeers


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