The state of Medicare 

Read the following closely and recall what you read when you hear politicians talk about Medicare or when you read a left-wing meme on Facebook. What you see below is from the 2017 Medicare Trustees Report. 

The hospital insurance trust is expected to be depleted in 2029. Even the slightly and short-term  improvement in the fiscal status is dependent on existing law lower payments to health care providers being fully implemented and sustained. 

The Trustees project that HI tax income and other dedicated revenues will fall short of HI expenditures in most future years. The HI trust fund does not meet either the Trustees’ test of short-range financial adequacy or their test of long-range close actuarial balance.

The Part B and Part D accounts in the SMI trust fund are expected to be adequately financed because premium income and general revenue income are reset each year to cover expected costs. Such financing, however, would have to increase faster than the economy to cover expected expenditure growth.

The financial projections in this report indicate a need for substantial steps to address Medicare’s remaining financial challenges. Consideration of further reforms should occur in the near future. The sooner solutions are enacted, the more flexible and gradual they can be. Moreover, the early introduction of reforms increases the time available for affected individuals and organizations—including health care providers, beneficiaries, and taxpayers—to adjust their expectations and behavior. The Trustees recommend that Congress and the executive branch work closely together with a sense of urgency to address the depletion of the HI trust fund and the projected growth in HI (Part A) and SMI (Parts B and D) expenditures.


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  1. The political elite running the federal government will just add it to the national debt. SOP of the idiots we elect. The federal government just spent a record 400 billion in the month of June 2017. To say Huston we have a spending problem is an understatement.


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