Republican Obamacare replacementÂ ğŸ‘Ž

Okay, let’s go over this again. To have stable insurance markets you need a good mix of insured meaning those who use coverage a lot must be offset by insured who use insurance very little if at all.

Given the opportunity, many young healthy individuals will forego insurance until it’s needed. THE REPUBLICAN OBAMACARE REPLACEMENT LEGISLATION IGNORES ALL THAT. 
No requirement to carry insurance, tax credits that increase with age and a 30% increase in premiums if you don’t continuously have insurance.

So, the young healthy people skip coverage, the young healthy people get a lower tax credit making coverage less affordable and if they do later buy coverage, there is a 30% surcharge also making coverage even less affordable.

Ask me! Ask me!

To make matters worse their legislation gives the states $100 billion over ten years to do 50 different things to manage health care costs.

I often call liberals naive in their approach to problems, in this case Republicans are blinded by their free market, anti-federal involvement ideology and are not only naive, but outright ignorant.

And as most politicians and policy makers do, they ignore human nature.

Now that Republicans have reportedly dropped their tax breaks for the wealthy, what’s their excuse for doing dumb stuff?


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  1. You are Right Dick. Both parties have screwed with what was working pretty well. Companies gave health care to their employees and their families and now are ditching the plans. All they really had to do was add a few laws to the party. They didn’t have to rethink the whole plan for Obamacare. Everyone should be able to be insured. Companies do that. there was no pre existing conditions on our policies. they averaged out the cost from I think it was 2 years prior wasn’t it Dick? and that’s what we paid. They paid part and we paid part. But NO 18% Cadillac tax back then. And if the kids still went to college and didn’t have jobs; we still covered them.
    They had to show proof. It’s the same for car insurance. Some pay more depending on age and other circumstances and some pay less. We had so many plans to choose from until near my retirement age. Very few of our employees opted out of insurance, if a spouse had it for both then they did. Now you at the mercy of these Obama plans. You and your dept. helped me so much back then to help the other employees. Obamacare took out $736 Billion from Medicare to pay for that plan and Ryan wants to take out another $400+ to pay for his plan which doesn’t leave much in Medicare to pay for what it should. Then he wants to issue El Cheapo vouchers to people who may be 70-80-90-100 to go fetch their own plans. I’ve been watching a lot on single payer plans now which my neighbors were on in Brussels. I don’t have any clue how they would start up such a plan here. Once started and running; it might not be bad. No middle men. Direct coverage.
    you and the doctor. I have no idea how they would cover all the poor& seniors. I’ve asked so many questions but no answers yet.


  2. Mr. Q, The 30% surcharge for not having continuous coverage seems a good idea to me. Regarding affordability: what is the definition? Everyone talks about it, but I have yet to hear a definition of it, even a bad one. For example: for a young, single healthy person, is $200/month premium with a $5,000 deductible and $25% copay affordable? Or $300 a month with a $7,500 deductible with a 35% co-pay?

    Stepping all the way back from the health insurance question to the health question: Are Americans in general measurably healthier now than in let’s say, 2005? Are we paying less or more now than in 2005? Part of the problem it seems to me is the entire focus has been on the details of health insurance, not health.


    • The 30% surcharge is only for one year, but that too may make the premium too high for some. You are right, nobody wants to define affordable. You are also right that the focus has been nit only on insurance, but more specifically premiums as if ones health and use of health care has nothing to d with the premiums.


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