Here are the ten things Americans want from their health care coverage 𗀔

Americans want:

  1. Low or no deductibles
  2. Minimum or no co-pays
  3. A limit on total out-of-pocket costs
  4. Access to any doctor or hospital they choose
  5. No interference by a third-party in the health care recommended by their health care provider
  6. Coverage for any and all health care needs, including preventive and routine primary care
  7. The highest quality care possible
  8. Unrestricted access to prescription medications
  9. The current tax benefits afforded to employer-based insurance
  10. Low “affordable” premiums subsidized by some entity with minimal future increases

There are only a couple of problems:

Several of the above are mutually exclusive.

Not even the most robust single-payer system can deliver on the above.




  1. Who made up that list? I only want 8 out of 10 things on that list. If I have to pay any premiums that is unacceptable. I want it all. I want free care. Why should I pay anything out of pocket? I also want a pet unicorn.

    To me that list is like somebody saying I want access to transportation. So the government helps set up a bus company. Then people complain that they have to pay to ride the bus. They also complain that transportation meant a sports car not a bus.

    I want, I want, I want. Some politician wants to get elected so he tells people what they want to hear. Yes I want free healthcare too. Whose doesn’t? Is it realistic? No.

    We all expect the impossible now. Mankind successes are going to be our downfall. Mankind has proven that nothing is impossible if enough effort, time and money is throw at the problem. We can put a man on the moon, solved Polio, why not healthcare for all.

    Just don’t solve the problem with my money. I wonder where people think money comes from? Oh that’s right, those millionaires.

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    1. The government creates money out of thin air, over 600 billion added to the national debt every year, $19.8 trillion, that will never be paid back. Even the millionaires are not paying for it. No one is, paying for this bloated government. Time to cut government spending, not add to it. Just say no to new government spending and start cutting budgets, now! A 10 year freeze on all COLA’s and raises for all government programs and workers would be a good start.


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