Proponents of Medicare for all simply do not understand what they are asking for😱

From the Billings Gazette; a blog post in favor of Medicare for all.

Removing insurance companies as intermediaries will reduce costs and confusion. It makes no sense to have insurance companies deciding if a person will have treatment, even though the doctor recommends it.

No insurance company decides if a person will have treatment, they decide who will pay for it.

So, does it make more sense to have a government agency make that decision? Does  it make more sense for government to allocate health care resources to balance a budget? Or, does it make more sense for politicians to decide what your health care will cover and how much you will pay?

Where do people get the idea that any single-payer system will provide unlimited, unquestioned health care for far less money?  It just isn’t so or possible‼️

Look at Medicare. It’s not affordable or adequately funded now and the average person with Medicare pays more than a younger person with the same income when you consider the Part B premium, the Part D premium, the Medigap premium and for many the income tax on a portion of their Social Security. That is why 31% of beneficiaries enroll in privately operating Part C of Medicare.


  1. Why would you want to have the government decide if they are going to pay for a medical procedure? The government moves slower than a snail. I see the government doing exactly what Gov. Christy is trying to do now, take excessive reserves from Horizon BC/BS. I could be mistaken but I am sure that state law dictates how much reserves an insurance must have and the limits it when it becomes too much. I believe that is why the State monitors the rates and requires excessive balances refunded or lower rates, but not over year a single reserve. I just see government funding medical payment funds just like they fund pensions, underfunded in good years and not fund at all in bad years. In the end you’ll either services denied or pay more out of pocket due to underfunding.


  2. What is not often mentioned in the discussion of health care is the different expectations let’s say of an American vs. an Irish citizen. (Mr. Q., you are an exception as you have addressed just this general subject in past posts.). An example of this disparity of expectations: I lived in a county which at the time had fewer than 200,000 people. It had at the time I believe three MRI machines. The Irish Republic with a population of 3 and a half million had the same number.


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