At Work

Will you get your share of savings?

Don’t hold your breath‼️

Eight percent of payroll is about what the average employer spends on employee health benefits (government employers are more generous and spend about 11%).

Do you think your employer would give you a raise to compensate you for this loss if we adopt a single-payer health care system or at least the difference between the 8% and any new employer tax? 

I have my doubts. But it’s something to think about 😎


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  1. To “buy” votes, the premium individual’s pay will likely come from income taxes. As almost 50% don’t pay those taxes, …

    But, no one thinks health spend will be equal to 8% of wages as it is 18% of GDP and we know GDP > NMI > personal income.


  2. Not a snowballs chance in hell that the savings will be passed on. Just like if they changed SS so it was funded by a general sales or VAT tax, no increase in wages for the average worker, just increased taxes.


  3. How about seeing an 11% savings in my taxes? Reality will probably be an 8% cut in benefits plus 8% more in taxes to bailout the single payer system. By my fuzzy math that is a 16% cost shift to me. What ever math you use and whatever the real numbers will be, at least everybody will a get a free rectal exam from the politicians.


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