The NYTs on differences in health care philosophy 

New York Times 6-23-17 

In short, Democrats are focused on trying to maximize the number of people who have decent health insurance, and are willing to accept whatever tax increases and arrangements with health insurers and other private interests are needed to make that happen. They seek the broadest possible availability of health care, whatever the cost and political trade-offs it takes to achieve it.

There you have it, whatever the cost.    But it just doesn’t work that way, never has, never will and there is no country in the world where it works that way, none. It is exactly the opposite of “affordable‼️”

The Democrats who take this position are pulling a cruel hoax on the American people.  It is what we know today as fake news, fake promises and fake security for Americans. It is also fiscally irresponsible and short-sighted. 


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  1. Agree Dick with your comments and perspective on this. My guess is that we move to a single payer system in the next 5-10 years . Probably closer to 5 years. Too many insurers are dropping out and more to follow. What are your thoughts re single payer?


    • I think it’s inevitable, but not necessarily good or cost effective. Keep in mind when you read about insurers dropping out that affects barely 4% of the US population. Most have Medicare, Medicaid or employer-based coverage.


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