Social Security

2018 Social Security COLA

Based on the CPI-W released today and using the last three months average, we are on track for about a 1.3% increase in Social Security benefits. 

However, keep in mind that the actual calculation is based on the CPI-W average for July, August and September each year. 


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  1. I will not be 65 for 42 months but I do not believe I will see any SS COLA’s after age 65, it will all just go for Medicare premiums. Once I start SS benefits in Jan 2018, I will be saving $300 per month for medical expenses, I just hope it is enough. My medical expense so far this year has been less than $200, but I know this will not always be the case.


  2. Thanks for the information I sure could use any amount they give with everything going up in price and having to call in repairmen to fix things that when younger could handle! I wonder with the 1.3 increase how that will effect Medicare premiums because last year when I got a little, the Medicare premium increased and ended up getting less than what I was the previous year because of premiums in Medicare. Hopefully you are right and the CPI index will afford us a little increase with the calculation of the next 3 months. Thanks for the information, I enjoy reading your blogs very informative.


    • The fact is that under the law any raise will go to the Medicare premium until the actual amount is being paid for the premium is correct. So, if a person is only paying $104 today and they should be paying $134 except for the hold harmless provision, a small increase could easily be eaten up in premium not even considering a premium increase in 2018.


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