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A new twist on (financial) wellness 🤑

Many employers offer various benefit programs, comply with legally required communication and then forget about everything except costs. That is shortsighted and counterproductive. 

Why spend big bucks on something and then not maximize its appreciation? Why not make sure the non-employee spouse understands the value of employee benefits and how to use them effectively? And perhaps most important from the employer’s perspective, why not use benefit programs to reduce stress on workers and allow them to stay focused on the job? 

The following illustrates the 401(k), however, the same approach applies to health benefits and more. 

Employers see financial wellness push as productivity booster

Employers are offering employees help with budgeting, establishing an emergency savings fund and maximizing 401(k) plan performance to reduce employee stress and improve productivity, says Rob Austin, director of retirement research at Aon Hewitt. “The theory behind this is people who are less stressed financially are going to be able to be more dedicated in their work, and they are going to become better workers,” Austin said.



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  1. Obviously, Rob has it backwards. He recommends “cutting back on plan loans”. So, what does he favor instead? Perhaps payday loans at a ~400% interest rate, cash advances at 29.99%, or something else.

    He obviously believes workers have sufficient liquidity without plan loans. For those in financially challenging situations, it just ain’t so!


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