Problems don’t go away with single payer health care

Many Americans see a single-payer health system as our salvation. While we may get there in time, the expectation that such a system solves health care cost problems is overstated. 

Read the following from the UKs National Health Service Annual Report. 

53. The NHS has faced a significant financial challenge in 2015-16, with the NHS provider sector ending the year with an approximate net £2.45 billion financial deficit, this is detailed separately in the financial performance summary section.

£10bn. Increase in annual funding by 2020-21

54. Working with HM Treasury, the Department secured a £10 billion real terms increase in annual NHS funding in England by 2020-21, of which the NHS will receive £3.8 billion more in 2016-17 and almost £6 billion within two years.

SOURCE: Latest Annual Report from the U.K. NHS


  1. Health care cost will continue to spiral out of control no matter who pays under any system or where they are in the world. The free market has let that genie out of the bottle. Profit has motivated innovation in new procedures and drugs which is a good thing. The moral issue that everybody should have equal access without regard to income to these innovations has basically given these companies a blank check. Eternal life has become a basic human right just like access to food. In a few more decades, to go back and take away that “right” would be like starting a civil war. The people will elect even more extremist than Trump to get what they want. Politicians do just enough to keep the people happy to stay in power and that has been true for thousands of years.

    Think how Social Security started. It was to prevent seniors from staving and dying in the streets during the Great Depression. Somehow that has morphed into a perceived retirement entitlement program. Try taking that away now.


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