Birth control one more time

The Trump administration is preparing a rule that would allow religious employers to not pay for birth control. Here is the political lefts reaction. Quote is from Huffpost.

“The draft rule announced today attempts to tear away women’s control over their own private health decisions and put that control in the hands of employers and politicians,” she (Pelosi) said. 

The contraception mandate, enacted under President Barack Obama in 2012, for the first time in U.S. history deemed birth control an essential preventive health service that should be fully covered alongside well-woman visits, mammograms and sexually transmitted infection screenings. It guarantees coverage to more than 55 million women, saved women $1.4 billion on birth control pills in the first year it went into effect, and has contributed to the lowest U.S. abortion rate since the procedure became legal in 1973. 

The absurdity of these statements is truly incredible and significant for two reasons; why we can’t deal with health care spending and the amazing level of the entitlement mentality. 

So, unless your employer pays for your birth control, you have lost control over your own private health decisions? Seriously? 

Since when is voluntary birth control a health service in any case?  But here is the real issue, we are talking about working women, we are not talking about poor women who deserve “free” or low cost coverage. We are talking about women who can readily pay for this service is they choose to use it even if they may have to give up some unnecessary spending to a modest degree.  We are not talking about an expensive health care service and we certainly are not talking about employers or anyone else interfering in or inhibiting any woman from obtaining necessary health care.

How did we get to the point where health INSURANCE became something other than insurance but rather reimbursement for routine medical care and services that should be part of daily living expenses and responsibility? If you want to know why health insurance premiums are high and growing, this is an example of one of the reasons; the very concept of insurance has been mangled. 

To claim that this provision in Obamacare contributed to fewer abortions or that it actually saves money by avoiding pregnancy is to say that no woman or man is able to exercise personal responsibility in the absence of “free” stuff mandated by the government. Incredible!


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