You won’t find the truth about pre-existing conditions in Congress

“The current version of Trumpcare allows insurance companies to discriminate against the 129 million Americans with pre-existing conditions.” Congressman Frank Pallone Jr NJ

The press has no trouble taking Trump to task when he makes outrageous statements, but nonsense like this generally goes unnoticed so it can perpetuate the misinformation used to garner support for or against. 

For that statement to be true, there must be 129 million uninsured Americans; there aren’t. And about that discrimination thing, what happened in the past was not discrimination, it was adjusting for a known risk and protecting the premiums of those people who obtained insurance before they needed it. That aside, we still need to allow everyone to obtain coverage. 

Employer group (larger plans are self-insured) plans generally don’t apply pre-existing exclusions. 

People changing jobs into a new employer plan are typically protected by HIPPA continuous coverage rules. 

Newborns are not affected by pre-existing conditions as long they are enrolled in the parents coverage. 

Americans enrolling in Medicare or Medicaid are unaffected. 

Americans using VA benefits are not affected

The fact is that only about 7% of Americans who buy coverage on the individual market could be affected by changes in pre-existing condition rules, but the AHCA doesn’t even change them except to allow a state that sets up a high risk pool or premium subsidies to allow such exclusion thereby lowering the premiums for the bulk of insured. 

The only people affected by pre-existing condition changes are those people who do not carry health insurance at the time any change is made (and possibly someone who decides to retire before Medicare eligibility and does not pick up new coverage immediately). The fact is though that you will pay for the health care for these people one way or the other. Through your health insurance premiums or your taxes. 

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