Missing the point on health care

I just heard Ezekiel Emanuel, a noted expert on health care and advisor on Obamacare, say on Bloomberg radio that the reason Obamacare health plans are in trouble is because Republicans withheld the subsidies that were due insurers. 

The fact is Republicans did mess with the subsidies, but isn’t that missing the point? The fundamental question is why, after four years of experience, are subsidies needed? 

The answer is that there are basic flaws in the design of the ACA. There are too many choices, it is too easy to not enroll in coverage as required by law and it is too easy to enroll at the time health care expenses are anticipated. 

If you started a new business and to do so you borrowed a lot of money, but in succeeding years you had to keep borrowing more to stay afloat until finally it became clear lack of capital was not the problem, but a flawed business model was, have you succeeded in that business? 


  1. bail outs are not the answer. The Cadillac tax in Ryan Care is NOT repealed only postponed.
    18% on each policy for each employee and family. Many big companies dropped their medical coverage ATT did this past Jan. now. they sent folks to Hewitt plans which are really the pits.
    Nothing like the plans we fought for over the years. Unions went on strike for benefits. Many co. are only covering the employee now. Now Ryan wants to scrub Medicare and send out vouchers which will HAVE to be sent out yearly which doesn’t save a penny and you have to go out and get your own policy which will be less coverage for more money esp. since 85% of seniors have a pre existent condition. Diabetes, cancer, stroke, heart, blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid.
    He wants us to be charged 5x more than others. There are 100+ year old seniors living and with dementia will get a voucher they don’t know what to do with. no relatives. Nursing homes and assisted livings. When they run out of funds; then they have to go onto Medicaid. As Baby Boomers and Gen. X grow older; there will be more and more running out of funds. Assisted living starts at 8,000 and UP. Nursing homes start at 10,000 and up for a MONTH. Plus extra care involved and meds.


  2. The other problem is that the Democrats decimated the funding mechanisms that they included to begin with. Too many democratic voters impacted so the Pelosi and Reid gangs killed it.


      1. The tax on Cadillac health plans. Most of these are benefits for public employees and union workers. Since the majority of these vote for Democrats Pelosi and Reid had to kill it to avoid bad press for Democrats.


      2. Actually Obama delayed it for two years, but Republicans are trying to repeal it. But it’s not that consequential in any case because large employers have already trimmed their benefits to avoid it. No employer in its right mind would pay this. States may be the exception though.


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