The misleading or grossly misinformed politicians

By chance I was listening to Rush Limbaugh interview Vice President Mike Pence about the repeal of Obamacare.

Rarely have I heard such nonsense  about a topic. Pence rambled on about being able to have a choice of physicians, lower premiums, more freedom to choose, competition, buying from an insurer in a different state and better HSAs.

He spoke as if what he was talking about changing the health care system for all of America, instead of less than 2% of Americans using a Obamacare exchange plan. Even if everything he said was true (which it isn’t), it still would affect a tiny minority of Americans.

There is simply nothing in the Republican view of health care that adds up to something better … for anyone.

If you want lower health insurance premiums there only a few ways to get them:

  • Cover few services under the insurance
  • Pay health care providers less
  • Use fewer health care services. 

Now the trick Republicans don’t seem to understand is how to do all that without shifting costs somewhere else or simply rationing care.

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