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Who pays for your health care?

The question is quite simple and being unable to answer the question is the crux of why we can’t fix health care.

There are only three choices:

  1. You, the patient  ( 🤑)
  2. All participants in your health insurance plan, the combined insured risk pool
  3. Taxpayers (ironically this includes # 1 and 2)

There are two entities that never pay health care bills: government and insurance companies.

(🤑) NOTE: Even when the employer pays a portion of the cost, that is actually employee compensation that is merely an alternative to cash.

When you mess with the system such as allowing people to be uninsured or select coverage when only it’s needed or you prevent underwriting the risk or you subsidize the cost or risk, all you do is shift the cost burden from one of the three above to another. That’s what Obamacare does and what the Republican alternative does. The problem is further complicated because NOBODY sees paying health cares bills as their individual responsibility.

In addition, the misconceptions are constantly reinforced by uniformed politicians, advocate groups and the press. Look below, insurance companies don’t save money by offering fewer protections, the lower protections are reflected in lower premiums because there is less risk. So the participants in the insurance pool save premium money on a regular basis, but the patient who incurs an uncovered expense assumes that cost (assuming they pay the bill).

The nasty new twist in his version is a provision that, in effect, frees states from having to provide many of the protections now guaranteed by the A.C.A, or Obamacare. States will be permitted to ask the federal government to waive these requirements, and there is a real danger that many lawmakers will cave to pressures from insurance companies that see a way to save money by providing fewer protections. NYTs 4-28-17


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