Trump Administration at it again with health care

A draft of some provisions of a new bill indicates that states can apply for waivers from the Obamacare essential benefits (among other things) if they certify the purpose is to lower premiums or expand coverage. 

Say what? Lower your coverage for any type of insurance and you lower the premiums (and increase the risk burden on the insured). 

By doing this you also create more adverse selection by encouraging the healthiest people to take the minimum coverage …. until they are no longer the healthy 🤧 

A smaller pool containing significant health care users means higher premiums for that group. 

What don’t Republicans understand about the concept of health insurance? Just about everything it seems.  And they don’t know much about human nature either 🙄

Never fear my liberal friends, Republicans are your best allies in the quest for a single-payer universal health plan. 

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