Do Men Really Earn More Than Women? – on average yes… but all the facts are important 

The gender pay gap is real but presented in a very misleading way.  It’s true that on an average basis women earn about 80% of what men earn, but that does not tell the whole story or indicate wide discrimination. In fact, as you can see below, on a job by job basis the difference is small and that can be explained in large part on work patterns.

Pay or any other type of discrimination should not be tolerated, but addressing the problem must be based on facts and not generalization flowing from political rhetoric. 


Source: Do Men Really Earn More Than Women? – Infographic – PayScale

One comment

  1. Well presented, the women’s pay disparity is always wrapped up with a different agenda and NEVER presented with data like this. Same is often true for so called facts and figures in the national economy, employment, immigration etc. Always with a spin to suit the agenda. The facts do NOT speak for themselves ……. ever!


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