Rational immigration 

The anti immigration feeling in this Country is not justified. This Country was founded on the principle of immigration. If you think about it, original immigration was illegal, at least from the point of view of the people whose lands and way of life were stolen from them.

The founders recognized the desirability and moral obligation of immigration. 

Yes, we have millions of illegal immigrants and that’s our fault. We could have helped Mexico become a more livable country and we could have rejected the labor provided by those immigrants; we did neither. 

So, now what? Laws are laws some would say; they need to be enforced and they would be right … if such a concept were uniformly applied. But the millions of Americans who “cheat” on their taxes, who employ illegal immigrants, who have an unregistered gun where required or do not carry health insurance know that’s not true. We rationalize exceptions all the time. 

We need a fair process to weed out the bad apples and get rid of them. We need a fair process to document all others. We need a fair and effective system for admitting future immigrants so that illegal entry becomes irrelevant to honest people. And at the same time those who are designated refugees should be vetted and then admitted. 

The United Stares of America used to be a positive example for the rest of the world and even today we attract those seeking safety, freedom and opportunity. And for that we have a right to demand allegiance to our system and our Country. We have a right to expect the goal is not to merely live here, but become one of us. 

But we have a moral obligation not to build a wall or discriminate against any religion … and yes we do have a moral obligation to protect our citizens as well. 

Why can’t all this be accomplished?


  1. Dick, you are just flat wrong when it comes to immigration. America was, is, remains the most welcoming nation on the planet. If there was a Nobel prize for immigration, America would win it, hands down, in nearly every one of it’s 240 years of existence – and – given current immigration limits of just about 1MM a year, we will win that award for EVERY YEAR OF THE FORSEEABLE FUTURE!

    With respect to the Jefferson quote, it is only America that bestows all of the same rights on legal immigrants as it does for its citizens. Look north to Canada, look south to Mexico – if you want to see limits on legal immigration.

    With respect to the idiot Trump, apparently, he has the same views about illegal aliens as Cesar Chavez, Walter Mondale, Reverend Ralph Abernathy and Reverend Martin Luther King.

    Listening to the media, you woulda thought Trump was so far out of the mainstream. But, apparently as one of my brothers would say, he’s so far to the right that he’s coming in through the left hand door.


    However, Trump’s actions are not unique.

    First, there is no “immigration ban”. We are still looking at 1+ million immigrants entering America legally during the federal government’s 2017 fiscal year (10/1/16 – 9/30/17) – mostly unchanged compared to the past few decades (at least since the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 which granted citizenship to 3+ million in 1986).

    Just two years ago, the Census Bureau projected that immigrants (people not born in America but living in America) will account for more than one in seven residents by 2023 – the largest share ever recorded in American history (all the way back to the 1st Census around the time of the American Revolution). Driven largely by legal immigration, not illegal immigration, the Bureau also projects that the immigrant population will grow to nearly one in five U.S. residents (78 million) by 2060.

    And, while we have let in more refugees in some past years than in 2016 (and the number is proposed to be halved in 2017 – back to low levels following 9/11), it surely hasn’t slowed to a trickle – see State Department data.

    The confusion here is over whether our government (not us as individuals) should have the authority to enforce immigration and refugee laws and accompanying regulations – which our government has repeatedly done, time after time, for the last 100+ years.

    The reason why I call Trump an idiot, the mistake I think Trump makes is that he should be pursuing a change to our last comprehensive immigration law – the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, known as Simpson Mazzoli, signed into law by President Reagan. President George W. Bush (with Ted Kennedy and John McCain) tried to amend it in 2007. President Obama and other D’s threw a wrench into that effort – to preserve immigration as a campaign issue. Then-Senator Obama campaigned with a promise to amend immigration law but decided to pursue other initiatives – then took unconstitutional actions like DACA (see http://www.scotusblog.com/case-files/cases/united-states-v-texas/)

    In terms of limits on refugees, people seem to forget that:
    (1) President Obama, just three months ago, eliminated the “wet foot, dry foot” rule for Cuban refugees, https://obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/the-press-office/2017/01/12/statement-president-cuban-immigration-policy
    (2) President Obama limited immigration/refugees from Iraq in 2011, http://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/al-qaeda-kentucky-us-dozens-terrorists-country-refugees/story?id=20931131
    (3) President Reagan, continued by President George H.W. Bush and continued by President Clinton all took action to limit immigrants and refugees from Haiti – at one point, interning Haitian refugees at Guantanamo, while letting in 10,000+ as political refugees and returning thousands of others to Haiti.
    (4) President Carter limited immigration/refugees from Cuba in 1980, as part of the Mariel Boatlift, where, upon arrival, many Cubans were placed in refugee camps (in part because Castro emptied his prisons and mental hospitals) while others were held in federal prisons pending deportation hearings (and almost 3,000 were deported back to Cuba),
    (5) President Ford (R-MI) was unsuccessful at convincing then-California Governor Jerry Brown and then-Senator Joe Biden, among many other Democrats, to expand the number of refugees from a collapsing South Vietnam in 1975 – about 130,000 were admitted in 1975 where many, many more were turned away (see the Washington Post account of a Vietnamese refugee who served as a US pilot during the Persian Gulf war http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/12/29/AR2006122901070.html)

    I remember all of those incidents, personally (though disclosure of President Obama’s limit on Iraqi refugees was not announced and didn’t become news until 2013).

    Before my time, don’t forget our government’s actions regarding our failure to minimize the loss of life in the Holocaust. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt refused to expand the number of European Jews that could immigrate during the 1930’s and up through 1942 (when Jews could still leave France if they could find someone to accept them). More importantly, in the years leading up to World War II, we granted only a small percentage of the visas that were authorized by law. People forget our government turned away the St. Louis, a ship containing 900+ Jewish refugees – where almost 250 of those same people later died in the Holocaust. Or, that our government, in 1939/1940, rejected a proposal to accept 20,000+ mostly Jewish European orphans. According to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial documents: “The war also dramatically heightened security concerns in Europe and the United States. Out of fear that the Nazis could smuggle spies and saboteurs in with refugees, immigration officials tightened visa policies for immigrants and non-immigrants.”

    So, while I do not agree with Trump’s current day actions, they appear haphazard and slip shod and less than focused on the security issues we confront today, I have to wonder at the irony of those people, like former Vice President Biden, who conveniently forgets his own past regarding refugees and immigrants.

    Yes, we are a nation of immigrants (including my own mother, who came to America in December 1925 at the age of 1 through Ellis Island). However, we are also a nation of laws. America has an unprecedented, rich history of generous acceptance of immigrants and refugees. If there were a “Good Samaritan” award for countries, most years, America would certainly win. The same is true with regard to the aid America provides to those who do not wish to emigrate to our country.

    Finally, all indications are that foreign aid, immigration and acceptance of refugees will continue to be a major part of our future and culture. I think America will win the immigration and refugee “Good Samaritan” award in almost all future years – regardless of President Trump’s actions.


      1. You suggest that the solution to law enforcement, when it is difficult, is to rationalize it away, when you state: “… Laws are laws some would say; they need to be enforced and they would be right … if such a concept were uniformly applied. But the millions of Americans who “cheat” on their taxes, who employ illegal immigrants, who have an unregistered gun where required or do not carry health insurance know that’s not true. We rationalize exceptions all the time. …”

        Folks who don’t like our immigration laws should prompt amendments – they have been amended before. But, until such time as they are amended, they must be enforced.

        Otherwise, there is no consistency when the next D or R asserting sanctuary city status and refusing to cooperate with the federal authorities request … what is the next federal law violation / violator they plan to ignore … perhaps they will choose to ignore Counterfeiting, Identity theft, Child pornography, Bank robbery, Money laundering,Conspiracy, etc.

        No, any past failure to enforce our laws should not create a pass, an exception, for those who would violate those same laws in the future – immigration or otherwise.


      2. The reality is for years we did not enforce immigration laws which resulted in what we have now. I’m all for enforcement of laws and I oppose sanctuary cuties. However, there is an element of reasonableness needed now to deal with the 11 million or whatever it is illegal immigrants now here.


  2. That is one thing I will not say about illegal immigrants coming from the south. They are not lazy. Maybe we should send our lazy drug addicted youth south and keep the Mexicans who want to work.


    1. I am all for legal immigration. I think the problem lies with the government not enforcing the existing immigration laws to the point that there was no fear among the illegal immigrates. ICE now is enforcing the law and people are shocked. Too bad. Are they going to be just as shocked if the government ever gets around to making people pay their taxes too?

      I think the real problems of immigration is that libels have made it wrong for Americans to want immigrates to assimilate to the American culture. Instead Americans now must accommodate the foreign culture. I welcome their culture and food, but the government and other public institutions should not have to bend over backwards to accommodate their culture or language. If you want a change in culture, become a tourist. If you come to America, speak English not Spanish. Leave Sharia Law in your old country. If it was so great why did you immigrate? If these immigrates are unwilling to fight for change in their home countries, why would I want these people here?

      I understand that some people are so desperate that they are willing to risk their lives to come to America and it has been that way for centuries. Those are the people I want, legally. We have enough natural born law breakers in America, why would I want someone who has already proven that they are not willing to follow American laws? I agree that there should be rational legal immigration but not forgiveness for those who have proven that they are not willing to follow the law.

      There should only be one check box on government forms, American, not American-this, or American-that, only red-white and blue for race. Once America was a melting pot, E pluribus unum. Now it is every man for himself. Which category box do I check to get this benefit or that one? Which box do you check?

      Why can’t we accomplished rational immigration? We because we don’t want to. People rather rationalize exceptions than work together on solutions that they will stick to.


  3. We need to fix the broken immigration system that is for sure. We may not have to build a wall but we need to stop illegal entry into our country. First step deport any and all who are here illegally and commit a crime, I am sorry if you cannot follow our laws your out of you go.
    Any repeat illegal entry minimum 2 years in jail then deport.
    Tell the millions of illegals you have 12 months to report, register and apply for a green card, that does not mean you will automatically get a green card. Congress will have to set up the guidelines. If you do not you will be subject to deportation. After the 12 months anyone entering the U.S. illegally will be deported.

    We need some workers in our farming and other labor intensive industries that are low skill that many U.S. workers chose not to perform. So we need a guest worker program that documents these workers and allows them to remain in country as long as they are working once you are not working for longer than 6 months, you are subject to deportation.

    For immigrant children in our school system. I am tired of hearing about schools teaching classes in Spanish, slowing down the teaching of English speaking students. Teach them English as a second language, then they will have more skills when you enter the job market.


  4. Remember that a significant percentage (exact I don’t know) of those crossing from Mexico are from war-torn countries south of Mexico. The Trump voters complain, “Mexicans are lazy” and “Mexicans are taking our jobs”. As a Latina comedienne recently asked, “Which one is it”?

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