How crazy is that? Really crazy Bernie‼️

Senator Bernie Sanders tweets:

“Last year, nearly 1 in 5 Americans between 19 and 64 could not afford to buy the medicine they were prescribed. How crazy is that?”

Previously Sanders tweeted that 1 in 5 Americans could not afford their prescriptions without mentioning any ages.

pill_waving_lg_clrWhat’s really crazy is that these figures are based on self-reporting surveys; asking people if they can afford to buy a prescription drug,  a drug that is heavily discounted and for which they are paying only a co-pay or coinsurance in most cases.

Sanders throws around retail prices that virtually no one pays. But the real point is the perception of “afford.”  The same demographic Sanders sites is also the highest percentage of smart phone owners, especially the 18-25 group. Young adults age 18-24 account for 40% of Starbucks sales and 25-40 49%. Disney World prices have soared, but that hasn’t stopped 19 million people from attending each year and growing.

If you ask somebody about the affordability of prescription drugs or any health care for that matter, such spending will always come after many non-necessities that are part of routine spending and not even thought of as affordable or not. They are, in fact, unaffordable for many people while health care spending should be a priority, but who wants to spend their money on prescription drugs❓

Health care related spending is always unaffordable (even with substantial assistance via insurance or discounts) because the reference point is $0, free, no cost, should be fully covered by my insurance.

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